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There are different types of Marine Surveys. Each survey is based on the needs of the requesting party. For example, insurance companies are interested in the boat's condition and its intended use. They would not be especially interested in the condition of the cockpit cushions, however, as a potential buyer,  you would.

When you are looking to buy a home you would be wise to order a building contractor's report to be certain of your large investment. The same is true when buying a car a mechanic can tell you if the car is in good working order, which is important to your family's safety. Commissioning a marine survey gives you the information and confidence you need to make an informed decision on a large investment and to provide you an evaluation of the true condition of the boat for you and your family's safety.

We treat all marine surveys as a Pre-Purchase Survey, which is the most comprehensive. Our surveys include a synopsis of the specific information requested.

Pre-Purchase Survey

Appraisal Inspection / Condition and Value Survey

Insurance Survey

Damage Marine Survey

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